Ekspo Buku Islam & Festival Buku Kanak-kanak

>> Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ekspo Buku Islam akan berlangsung di Tingkat 2, KL Sentral bermula dari 26 Oktober hingga 1 November 2011. Ekspo ini dianjurkan oleh Sinergi Ilmu Resources Sdn Bhd dan merupakan kerjasama antara penerbit-penerbit seperti Telaga Biru, Galeri Ilmu, Jemari Seni & JS Adiwarna, MMP Communications, Yadim, Must Read Sdn Bhd, dan lain-lain lagi. Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila lawati laman ini.

Dan satu lagi pesta buku yang akan berlangsung pada waktu yang lebih kurang sama iaitu Festival Buku Kanak-kanak 2011, dari 27 Oktober hingga 2 November 2011 bertempat di Perpustakaan Kuala Lumpur. Saya tidak berjumpa dengan laman rasmi festival ini, cuma pengumuman di laman DBKL dan di laman penerbit-penerbit yang mengambil bahagian. Festival ini dianjurkan oleh National Book Council, dan saya cuba mencari laman webnya tapi tak berjumpa. Tak logik National Book Council tiada laman rasmi, kan?


Set Bacalah Sayang

>> Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apabila ada komen yang ditinggalkan di blog ini memberikan link ke blog menjual set buku Bacalah Sayang ini saya bergegas singgah. Dan bergegas juga menulis e-mel kepada pemunya blog, Mimie untuk membeli satu set. Bacalah Sayang ini merupakan set yang menggantikan siri Tidurlah Intan terbitan DBP lebih kurang dua puluh tahun dahulu. Saya pernah ternampak set ini di sebuah kedai buku tetapi tidak membeli walaupun berminta kerana harganya dirasakan agak mahal (RM180). Tetapi di blog Mimie, saya cuma mebayar RM80 (termasuk kos pengeposan) sahaja! Jika anda berminat, lekas hubungi Mimie kerana stoknya terhad.

Setiap set mengandungi 12 buku (satu setiap bulan) dengan setiap buku mengandungi koleksi cerita rakyat, cerita moden, puisi, lagu, dan teka-teki yang sama jumlah dengan hari dalam bukan itu (satu bacaan setiap malam). Jikalau saya tidak silap, DBP menerbitkan cerita/puisi/lagu/teka-teki yang sama dengan Tidurlah Intan, cuma menggunakan ilustrasi yang baharu.

Setelah membacakan satu cerita kepada anak-anak saya, saya pula yang 'terkejut' kerana anak saya yang sulung minta dinyanyikan lagu (walaupun saya belum sebut pasal lagu).

Saya bertanya kepadanya, "Mana Abang tahu ini lagu?"

"Sebab ada ini," jawabnya sambil menunjukkan barisan not-not lagu.

Saya rasa pelik sebab saya belum pernah mendedahkan dia kepada not-not lagu, dan saya tahu di tadika dia tidak diajar pelajaran muzik. Saya bertanya, "Mana abang tahu kalau macam ini maknanya lagu?"

"Abang pernah tengok di komputer." Ya, itulah generasi sekarang ya. Mesti tengok-tengok juga apa yang mereka belajar di internet. Dengan ingat-ingat lupa naik turun not lagu dan panjang pendeknya, sekadar yang pernah belajar di sekolah rendah lebih dua puluh tahun yang dulu, saya pun cuba menyanyikan lagu itu. Mesti sumbang, hehe..


The Big Bad Wolf Sale is a must-go event!

>> Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Image source credit to http://www.shoppingnsales.com

If you haven’t been to the Big Bad Wolf book sale yet, I only have this to say:


7 – 16 October 2011
10 am – 9pm
MAEPS (Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang)

I took half-day off yesterday to go to the sale with my husband. I had decided and planned earlier on to go on a weekday for two reasons, firstly because there’ll be less crowd and secondly so that I can leave my children at their babysitter’s house (as though I am at work). On the second point, it would be nice if your children comes along to pick their own books, but honestly it will be quite a challenge to look after them and hunt for books at the same time. Unless they are the type who can sit quietly in a pushchair for hours. Yesterday, there was an announcement looking for the parents of a ‘lost’ boy. I guess it depends on their age as well.

But I digress. For me, this is the best Big Bad Wolf sale ever (I think this is their 4th one) mainly because of the venue they selected. It’s huge and spacious, allowing more room in between tables, therefore I was able to browse more comfortably. The books selection are a lot and varied as well. I’m not sure about this being ‘the biggest book sale in the world’ but it looks like the organizer is serious when they claim to bring in 1.5 million books for us! I stared around the hall and thought, “Where did all these books come from?” (Really, I am quite interested to learn about their business model. BBW is affiliated with BookXcess who claims that their books are cheap because those are ‘overprinted copies’. But how could popular titles have ‘overprinted copies’ as well?)
Image source credit to http://aurinh.wordpress.com

I like that the books are more organized with labels on each table. There are also notes saying ‘Please put back the books where you took it’. A reasonable request, as mixing up the books will inconvenience the next batch of customers. More books are displayed with their cover up, instead of spine up, hence easier to skim through. Customer services are good and they have a ‘check-in’ system so people can park the books they have chosen first before continuing to hunt for more. I hope they will choose this venue again next year because it’s very near to my house. It’s not accessible by public transport, though.

All in all, my husband and I spent RM313 for 39 books. The books we chose vary, from general fiction, fantasy fiction, thriller, motivation, classics, children’s books, general knowledge, and a first time for us – a coffee table book! It’s by National Geographics titled ‘Work’. My best catch is And Thereby Hangs a Tale by Jeffery Archer, who is one of my favourite authors (I especially like his short stories). I found that I feel less inhibited to buy a book because of the low price (most paperbacks is priced at RM8). In fact, I actually chose several books that I know I don’t want to keep. I’ll offer them up for book swap after I’ve finished reading them, as well as make them available for sale. We spent 3 hours instead of the planned 2. And I saw Ain Maisarah, a PTS bestselling author. Yes, ‘I saw’ only – I didn’t go and say hello.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but when going to a book warehouse sale, don’t bring a list of books in your wishlist. Instead, you’ll just have to see what’s available there.

Now go already! Only 4 days left!


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