An occasional overlap

>> Thursday, February 23, 2012

I won't tell you what industry I'm in, but my job doesn't have much overlap with my hobby - books.

An overlap happen this morning - a very small one, but enough to make my day.

We were having a discussion with a customer, who's in the paper industry. We asked about business growth and prospects. He said prospect is bright. Paper consumption is increasing year on year especially in Asia. Not so much in Europe, just stable in America.

"But sales of e-books has surpassed physical books," I said.

He responded, "Yes, but a lot more people are still comfortable with paper books. I think a major change may happen in our kid's generation, but for now, it's not a big challenge."

I may feel offended at the 'kid's generation' remark, seeing that he's maybe about my father's age. But then again, I just wrote in the last post that I haven't gotten into e-books yet.

Nope, we didn't talk about trees and environment and stuffs.



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