Understanding poverty

>> Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"My Umi rationed food so we also have food at dinner too. I could take the rice with only planta and soy sauce, yes I could take that. I was irritated at the way my Umi would divide everything into small portion sfor each of us siblings. But I could deal with that. Also the quarrels and fights when my big brother would 'sapu' some of my portions too - but really, I could handle that as well. I could also shower without soap or not brushing my teeth and the bad breath in school.

But the psychological trauma of seeing my parents quarrelling over and over again angered me so much then. At times, an RM5 issue would throw the family into days of distress, pain, misery, anguish, fear and sorrow.

It was a pain that pierced right through my heart that even as I am writing this now, today, year 2009, when I am no longer living in poverty, tears are rolling and rolling and rolling down my cheeks. The tears just wouldn't stop. The brain is a funny instrument. It does not seem to know the difference between the past and the present. So the past becomes the present, just by thinking about it! God it was so tiring ... I feel tired now just thinking back!"

-Anas Zubedy in his book 'The Quran and I', recounting his childhood


Al-Manar October 12, 2012 at 7:02 AM  

I wonder now how I got here in the first place. But I am glad I am here because I enjoy good writing, in whichever language I can understand, and on subjects of my interest. Admittedly I do not read that many books but I love to have books arouund me.

As an uninvited guest here and having enjoyed browsing aroound it is only proper that I leave a few words of comments. This particular quote from Anas Zubedy ( his name sounds familiar) is beautiful. Would you tell me a bit more aboutb this book, Quran and I ? - preferably my email almanar@pd,jaring.my - as I may forget to come to this posting again for your response.

Siti October 30, 2012 at 10:21 PM  

Tuan Al-Manar,
You must have hopped here from Drwati's blog. Having visited your blog, I really feel that I don't deserve the kind remark 'good writing'. But I feel honoured that you have dropped a comment. I will write to your email to answer a bit on Anas Zubedy and his book.

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