A well-rounded education

>> Saturday, December 15, 2012

Personally, I want a well-rounded education for my children, an education that includes learning about their deen; becoming fluent with written and spoken languages; learning Arabic; understanding Maths, Science, the way things work; understanding and learning how to recite and memorize the Qur'an; knowing world history and culture as well as their Islamic heritage; developing their creative talents through art; learning about discipline and their physical abilities through sport; developing good manners, an honourable character, a love of learning and of reading, and encouraging a curiousity about life and people and a desire to live a life that is full and meaningful. It is that balance of spiritual, mental, and physical development - of deen and dunyah - that, as Muslim parents, we strive to attain.

- Na'ima B Roberts in her book, From My Sisters' Lips

Thanks Mrs Roberts for eloquently summarising the hopes and wishes of most Muslim parents (including myself) when it comes to the education of their children. 


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